The Return

Welcome to the dark side!
The Initiation

“It has been just a year since His voice returned to us, my brethren. And in that short time, we have accomplished much. We have established connections with many of our colleagues that we thought were lost. Our power, our control, our… grasp, is extending every week.”

The hooded Priest of Bane paces in front of the large symbol of his god, the clenched black gauntlet of the God of Tyranny. His cowl lifts and he starts to chant, a guttural series of short sharp words that seem to come easy to his half-orcish voice. A darkness surrounds him and a sort of halo is formed where the light of the nearby candles is absorbed into the void.

“His power is growing stronger and stronger and we should rejoice that he has allowed us to share in it. From Waterdeep, to Darkhold to Zhentil Keep, we are reclaiming our strongholds and will soon surpass our former glory.”

He turns towards you and the rest of the new recruits, and the darkness surrounding him spreads out to cover you all. As darkness envelops you, a sense of emptiness calms you and your concerns and worries leave you for the first time in a long time. You feel neither warm nor cold and the aches and pains of the journey here are gone. A gentle wind blows past your ears once, twice, a third time. The clerics voice returns.

“I do not know what troubles has brought each of you here, but know that you are among like minded people. We are the ones who bring the night and are not afraid of it. We are the fist that strikes against those that would destroy us. And we are legion!”

“Each of you has been judged and found worthy, full of potential, future Kings and Queens of this world and the next.”

As the darkness lifts, you notice some of those around the circle of your group are putting down bows and around you lie dead on the ground. Apparently they were not worthy. Oh well, less competition. A few people near your gasp and one person starts to sob.

“Do not shed a tear for the weak. Through the darkness, Bane guided those arrows to their true targets. Those that were struck down would have failed regardless. Take from them the lessons to be learned. Complete your training and join with us as we reshape the world.”


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