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We are using the D&D 5e rules, set in the world of Faerun and exploring the darker side of things.

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We can use the above account on to roll up stats and discuss your character ideas, goals and background.


This will be an Evil-based campaign. Characters are limited to the following alignments: LE (preferred), NE, CN and CE (least preferred). Characters will be encouraged to be ambitious, greedy and power-hungry. But because such a campaign could quickly degenerate as characters start to turn on one another, they will initially be placed under the effects of a Geas to enforce that they ‘Work Together!’ and will be rewarded if they do so. In time, hopefully the characters will see the benefits of teamwork and continue to work together to gain power, perhaps taking powerful positions in the Zhentarim organization or working with Count Zarovich.


Players can chose any race in the Player’s Handbook, including Drow, Half-Orc and Tiefling, except Aasimar. Note that most of the campaign will take place above ground in places where unusual characters will stand out.


Players can chose any class in the Player’s Handbook.


All characters will start at level 1.

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