Ground Rules

Setting Boundaries

Because we will be dealing with the darker side of humanity (or inhumanity), we need to set some ground rules so that we will be comfortable playing and continue on as friends.

Fade to Black

In general, if anyone feels uncomfortable about the actions or behavior of an NPC or their fellow players, they can ask that we ‘fade to black’. That means we will shut down the conversation, let it play out in our heads and move on.


Your characters should have motives for what they do, they just aren’t as bound to certain moral codes about how to achieve those goals. Power (from money or magic), revenge, even love can be what drives your character.


Self preservation and fear of retribution from those more powerful than you (other Zhentarim, Count Zarovich or local authorities) should limit what you can get away with, even for the truly chaotic characters. From being hunted down to exposing your allies, there will be consequences to what you do… unless you can find some poor schmuck to pin it on.

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